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Introducing Oylie
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Oylie Exotic Mango image
Exotic Mango
Packed with about 20 different vitamins and minerals, Mangos are beloved for being one of the most nutrient-rich fruits on our planet. Traced back to its origin in South Asia in as early as 2000 BC, this sweet-smelling fruit has been long recognized for
Oylie Grapefruit Surprise image
Grapefruit Surprise
Since it was first discovered on the island of Barbados in the 1700s, grapefruit has been recognized around the world for its nutrient-rich benefits in both health and skincare. This bittersweet staple is now a leading ingredient in optimal beauty regimes
Oylie Lavender Verbena image
Lavender Verbena
Originating in the rainforests of 1700s Chile, verbena has been used for hundreds of years to help inspire, stimulate the mind, and lift symptoms of lethargy. This therapeutic plant works in combination with the calming effects of lavender to emit a delic
Oylie Lemongrass Ginger image
Lemongrass Ginger
Native to Asia and Australia, the tropical lemongrass plant has been widely celebrated around the world for its many health and skincare benefits. This bittersweet staple is frequently used in aromatherapy to help reduce stress, anxiety, and even headache
Oylie Pomegranate Lime image
Pomegranate Lime
Heralding back as far as 1600 BC in Egypt, pomegranates have been widely celebrated for both their medicinal purposes and skincare benefits. This vibrant fruit not only contains rich nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties but also aids in cell regener
Oylie Exotic Spice image
Exotic Spice
This sensual oil is fragrant with one of the most beloved citrus fruits native to Southeastern Asia and the Philippines: tangerines. Rich in vitamins and minerals, tangerine oil is known to not only reduce the look of scars, but also improve feelings of s
Oylie Sweet Citrus image
Sweet Citrus
Grown in tropical climates all over the world, citrus fruits are beloved for their natural immune-system-strengthening and restorative properties. This mineral-packed product is rich in Vitamin C which aids in the formation of collagen for supple, soft sk
Oylie Vanilla Wild Plum image
Vanilla Wild Plum
Traced back to East Europe as far as 2,000 years ago, plums are widely celebrated for both their health and skincare benefits. This vibrant fruit is not only rich in polyphenol antioxidants but is also beloved for its anti-inflammatory properties. Working
Oylie Unscented image
This opulent, unscented oil is ideal for those who want supple, youthful skin without sacrificing their favorite scent. Native to Southwestern North America, the Jojoba plant has been a leading ingredient in skincare regimes for decades. This vitamin-rich
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